The Bearded Viking – Axemasters

Looking for a new thrilling experience? The Bearded Viking AxeMasters is the place to visit.

There’s no use running, axe throwing is the new phenomenon that is taking the experience market by storm.

Learn how to throw an axe at the bullseye in a supervised and safe environment; it’s fun, relieves stress and is quite simply, thrilling.

Each session provides full instruction, safety briefing and it’s tailored to your groups needs.

Whether its 2 people on a date night or 20 people in your raiding party … You’ll have a thrilling experience.

Suitable for ages from 10 years old to 110 years old, The Bearded Viking will make sure you have a great time and help you to channel YOUR Inner viking.

The Norse-inspired arena is set inside the historic stores in Weedon, West Northants which boasts 200 years of military history, Ample parking and access. Open 6 days a week. Booking is required. Gift vouchers are available.

Quote code BRR10 for 10% off your first visit.

Terms and conditions apply see website for details

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