How We Operate


We currently provide around 110 hours of live local programming a week and as we recruit new volunteer presenters that will grow.

Ideally, we need around 36 volunteers to offer a full schedule so there are still opportunities for new presenters. The majority of our presenters have never worked in radio before, so we offer full training, advice and mentorship.

It’s not all music radio, we want sports enthusiasts, local, clear and concise non-biased political comments and also how about local councillors/politicians offering ‘Q&A Surgeries’ via social media? “How do I get a pot-hole repaired”, “I need help completing a DWP claim” or perhaps you just want to be listened to by your local representatives, Come and have your say!


If you are interested in possibly presenting a show on local radio, come and have a chat with us and as long as it fits with our core values then we’ll give you the opportunity to air your show.
No previous experience is required, only 8 of our 34 presenters had any previous radio experience, we can train you in-house.


Events in our community are promoted free of charge, if you’re organising a fundraiser or expanding a service please email us at [email protected] and we will make sure your event is publicised free of charge.



Current track



Alternatively you can listen via your smart speaker:
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