Volunteering at Beat Route Radio

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Sharon or Ian on 01933 412251 or email us at studio@beatrouteradio.co.uk


We are still looking for an additional 6-8 presenters to join us so we can broadcast a full live schedule packed with local content provided by local residents.
As well as music shows, we are looking for presenters to either present their own shows or to provide content to other daytime shows, perhaps in 15 or 30 minute segments, including but not limited to the history of the area, the industrial heritage of the area or indeed the social and political history and current needs of the area.


Not everything at a radio station revolves around presenting. We need to recruit volunteers to assist at our growing line-up of Outside Broadcast events such as ‘Party in The Park’, ‘Swivelfest’, Spurgeon’s ‘Splash and Dash’ and the Christmas lights switch-on, to talk to locals about how to tune in to Beat Route, hand out leaflets and stickers to kids and just generally promote the station.


Beat Route Radio is presented by 100% all volunteer presenters, no one here gets paid, in fact we all “Pay to Play” by way of a £15 per month subscription, just as you would with any hobby, this helps to keep the lights on! This is common practice with 90% + of all UK Community Stations apart from those lucky few who have been gifted or bequeathed a sum of money to cover their operating costs.