Local Musicians

Do you like to discover new music from local bands?

At Beat Route we love LIVE, Local music.

Are you a local band or artist who would like to get your music out there to a new audience?

As well as playing local artists on the air we also love having ‘Live’ sessions here in our studio.

Contact us if you are interested in playing live on Beat Route Radio.

To date we’ve in the region of 120 Live bands in our studio.

Our “Virtual Festivals” with 22 acts each weekend have had rave reviews and we have more planned for 2020.

We have some limitations as to what we can do in our studio but generally find a way to make things happen. Plus we will be making an announcement very soon about live bands in a prestigious Rushden location.

Email us at studio@beatrouteradio.co.uk and we can talk about you coming to the station.